"Guys, keep chasing your dreams and don't stop."

i just wanted you guys to know that i do now have a formspring… i didnt go on it that much but formspring is much easier than tumblr. so if u want to ask me questions follow me on formspring!!!




Hi Justin, could you shoot video with your dog, and then put it on Youtube? Thanks :) ♥

haha. ill see what i can do!

Hey Justin :) You are so perfect <3* I love u so much ♥ forever belieber♥♥with love - Andy <3

thank u!! but nobodys perfect haha. #muchlove

Hi Justin, I hope u will come to the Czech Republic would be a pity if u visited the Czech beliebers, because we love u. ♥ xoxo Adi :)

haha ill be there soon! #muchlove

Dear Justin♥ Are you coming to finland some day? i hope you come! =) we finnish fans love you<3 Guess what, never say never 3D might not come to finland.. how sad is that :( but we dont stop fighting! never say never;)

I love you so much and youre the cutest boy in the whole wide world!
and i know that ill see you some day ;)



henna :)

ill be there soon!! #muchlove #NEVERSAYNEVER!!!

Hi Justin! I'm belieber, my name is Julia and i'm from Finland. Hope u understand my English =D

Thanks to u, i believe in my dreams more then ever, really! I dont say this only cuz you r my idol! So ty ty ty for being you and for being my idol and role model! (and that my dream is to become actress)

I really really really want you to come to Finland! Here is many awesome beliebers and we r ready do all we can to have you here!
I may come to see u to London. =) If me and my friend get tickets and fly tickets! Im so excited!
I have been heard that Never say Never doesn't come to Finland, and like nowhere reads about it. That sucks. But us we keep believing and we have been send ___MANY___ hoping messages like ''bring us never say never 3D''

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Love you <3
xoxo Julia


Why are you so perfect? :)♥

why r u so amazing?;)

Hello Justin:) How are you?:) Do you like choirs?:) I sing in one. We are good. When I can't sing something, I think of you and your voice and can I sing everything..Haha everything is possible. Once I want to be good as you, haha..Maybe one day, we will sing some duet. Haha..Ok it sounds funny..But you teached us: Never say Never. Yes it's crazy, but it can be. This world is all crazy.. But I luv that. I can't imagine day, without ur songs, what sound in my hearth. Really I can't. Thanks to you I chaged my life and so on.. Maybe, some day we will meet. But fans would be crazy, haha..They would envy. But it's just dream..Well but dreams can come true. We'll see..
So someday see yah:)
With louve, your Betty ♥
U smile, I smile..#muchlove

thank u so much, this really means alot to me. and yeah i do like choirs!! :) #muchlove

Hi my honey :).New year is finally here and I know that everyone need some help with life and I want tell you that I'll be there for you forever and everytime you will have some troubles you can call me and I'll will try help you! You changed all my life and I'm so happy that you give me the power for every new day.My dreams,wishes and hopes are simple....and know too that all my prayers will be heard and know that you are really good man and you deserve only be happy and nobody can hurt you!Good luck in everything and if you can,make my wish come true....and meet me....for example in concert if come here? :) Bye my sweet-heart and believe me that I will do everything what I can....You are my dream and we must follow our dreams:).Give big hug for all your team from me cause you really do great job and you are big family....good luck!!!! :) Love you:)

thank you so much!!! :) #muchlove

oh Justin i say it ... i love you ... i hate school and i love only you ... you are my life...im very very sad :'(

aw, dont be sad!!! #smile #muchlove